Les Lullies have released their new album titled ‘Mauvaise Foi’. Proper rock sensibilities permeate through every note and chord of ‘Mauvaise Foi’ as rock goes back to some of it’s roots with a solidly French twist and turn into something ferociously original.

Each song is an anthem. Every riff is a shout to the system that is the mainstream.

About Les Lullies

Mauvaise Foi, a resolutely French title for the 2nd Lullies LP. In the wake of Mourir D’ennui from their debut LP, Les Lullies now sing in their native French language. While previous records had been rushed through with impossible deadlines and too little time to think properly, the band went down the opposite route this time for a more laid-back approach: taking the time needed to write and compose songs as well as record and mix them. Les Lullies even dared record demo tracks to test proof the results before heading to the recording booth. Quite the sea change from the band’s usual way of doing things.

The results you may ask? Streamlined vocals on proper rock’n’roll tracks which now slightly differ from the tried-and-true Lullies formula. The record sounds more personal and is therefore more fleshed out, dabbling in influences from Normandy (Fixed Up, Dogs, Sub Kids and all), from the Real Kids to Phil Spectors as well some Glam Rock and The Records-like Power Pop thrown in for good measure. All the while retaining the good old influences from The Saints but reworked Les Lullies way! All of the above remains rooted in simple and fun rock’n’roll that doesn’t give in to the same formulaic style. Tracks are brimming with tiny details that give them extra layers of sound (give them a go with your headphones on).

90s garage punk influences (Teengenerate, New Bomb Turks) are tucked away to make way to melodies which can finally grow even more infectious than ever. The LP’s title sums this up pretty well as some songs tackle serious topics (without being that serious) while others resonate with the echo of a good laugh or going bonkers. They stick to the band’s trademark cockiness, and arrogant tongue- in-cheek like a derailing bullet train unable to brake. These are songs about real-life stories and characters told by slightly mendacious adventurers (rock’n’roll being the civilized world’s last adventure!). The LP has been recorded at Château Vergogne between November 2021 and January 2022 by Maxime Smadja who lent the band all his knowledge and craftsmanship.

Roméo and T.Boy started the band. Then manah quickly joined to rehearse but sometimes we had other drummers; François arrived a little bit before our very first show, to replace Lully who was in the band but fell in love with a girl in Denmark, went there and told no one, but, showed up in the audience at our very first show, to our greatest surprise, so we starting joking about his name, Lullys and that’s where we got the name Les Lullies.

Before that, T.Boy played bass during 6 years in Flying Over, where he learned how to book a tour and what to do and don’t when in a band, touring everywhere in Europe ; then he formed The Suzards; on one song of The Suzards, he invited Roméo (whom he met when he was 16) to play guitar in studio ; that’s the germ that will initiate the idea of Les Lullies.

Roméo and Manu played together for 10 years in killer 60’s r’n’b act Les Grys Grys, only french band ever to have a record deal with the cult label Norton Records (NY, USA), they toured a lot, everywhere, Europe et USA.

As forFrançois, Les Lullies is his first band. We started just for fun, because we were bored, we had no idea where it was going to lead us, and finally…

T.Boy also booked shows for bands in Montpellier, were the band lives, and sometimes books tours for bands, did a fanzine, a bit of radio, a compilation called « Nuits Blanche » with the best of the french scene…

We are all music nerds, we’re all record collectors except François who doesn’t really care for vinyls, we all love to dig and are curious about new things.

Featured image by Angie Couple.