1. Hopeful Boy Replacement Service Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  2. From The Book to The Stage Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  3. Rum Life Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  4. French Girls Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  5. Post Disneyland Blues Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  6. This Be The Verse Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  7. Laughing My Head Off Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  8. Running Joke Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  9. Slamming Doors Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  10. Maybe Sandra's Wedding 0:30
  11. The Berlin Wall Other Stories Sandra's Wedding 0:30

Sandra’s Wedding is set to release their new album titled ‘The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service’ on July 14th. Varied shades of pop and rock mixed with that original flare of chord progressions amid blissful songwriting that places this album already on a must have for summer list.

What gets me the most, as a musician, is that unexpected twist, musically, in each song and thought it would go left when it went right, with each hook. This hard to place panache in every song really gives it a sense of original effort and signature sound.

About Sandra’s Wedding

The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service is the latest album from Yorkshire band Sandra’s Wedding. Formed in the triangle of sweet nothing between Goole, Castleford and Selby, Sandra’s Wedding have been busily curated a unique yet familiar sound over the past few years, gaining plaudits from local BBC radio presenters as well as praise from the current Poet Laureate Simon Armitage who played the band on Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour.

After gaining a loyal following over the past six years, five albums, two EP’s and several singles, the band are excited to share this latest body of work.

The album’s title track was the spark for a collection of songs which could be accused of being an old fashioned ‘concept album’. The arc of growing older, realizing the great escape isn’t on the horizon and reveling in the banal absurdities of everyday living.

The idea was to imagine a long forgotten classic ‘kitchen sink’ novel’ from the 1950’s and 60’s and a modern stage production of said novel with a contemporary soundtrack. That is the soundtrack.

Whilst the previous releases from Sandra’s Wedding have been bathed in cold black and white imagery, The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service jumps into glorious technicolour – a sentiment captured by Peter Scott’s amazing painting for the cover which rivals anything by way of visuals from the late 60’s or the 80’s new wave revival.

Recorder in York at Young Thugs studios, guests featured on the album include Anthony Thompson, Gary Hammond, Hannah Bungard and world renowned modern classical artist Gavin Bryars, a fellow Goole alumni who has written a score for one track.

The album is released on July 14th and will be available to pre-order on limited edition vinyl.