1. Let Me Lina Maxine 2:51

Musician and singer-songwriter Lina Maxine has released her latest track ‘LET ME’, launching the next exciting phase of her career with an anthemic pop-rock song guaranteed to captivate listeners with its universal message and up-tempo, power punk musical heart.

Lina explains, “Inspired by the great 007 anthems, ‘LET ME’ is about the power of human embrace in the face of adversity, with commanding lyrics conveying strength and drawing people closer together. I wanted to kick off 2023 with a passionate song that offers emotional support to listeners, eliciting hope and a real sense of connection to music, and to each other.”

The track opens with a stripped-back, subdued intro, with warm piano chords supporting Lina’s husky, power ballad vocal. ‘LET ME’ then picks up the pace with steel-stringed guitar riffs, energetic bass, hi-octane drums and raw electric strums allowing Lina’s effortless, rockstar vocals to shine. The track intersects genres, gliding through nostalgia-tinged pop with elements of acoustic prog rock and punk expertly thrown into the mix.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed in-house by Lina Maxine and Dean Aladay, ‘LET ME’ showcases Lina’s modern rockstar energy alongside an intelligence and musicality that transcends the stage. Mastering the spotlight in both live and recording studio environments, Lina continues to grow her international fanbase, building her close community of ‘Nerd-n-Roll’ addicts.

Growing up, Lina was vocally influenced by 90s/00s metal and alt rock bands including Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Muse, and more recently the GRAMMY-winning artist Billie Eilish, whose original production and delicate, emotional approach to songwriting has made an indelible impact.

Lina first discovered the power of music and the many biological marvels of the brain through her neuroscience undergraduate studies at Brown University. A master’s degree in neurobiology at the University of Oxford followed, allowing Lina to fully explore the mysteries of the mind in conjunction with her musical interests.

Lina’s hotly-anticipated debut EP MIND GAMES, released in 2022, used creative wordplay and brain-teasers to explore a series of six ‘case studies’ around human emotion. Uniting Lina’s passions, for every pre-save of ‘LET ME’ from February 15, a small donation will be made to a charity that supports neural disorders.

2022 proved to be a phenomenal year for Lina Maxine, with the release of her debut EP and a critically-acclaimed UK tour supporting Kasabian’s ex-frontman Tom Meighan. Now, with the release of ‘LET ME’ and a second EP scheduled for release June 7, 2023, Lina continues her upward trajectory towards international stardom and limitless success.

SOURCE: Official Bio