YourCuzMarcus has today released his new single titled ‘i think i’m scum’. Filled with the essence of that special hunger from an artist who has not only lived what he conveys but shines with such a creative outlet within his music that it’s hard not to relate or embrace what he writes and sings about.

‘i think i’m scum’ is filled with honest soul. A personal resurgence and, while not beating his demons, learns to cohabitate with them. Like we all end up doing, to an extent.

About YourCuzMarcus

Marcus Haugh, aka ‘YourCuzMarcus’ debut single ‘Obey’ was a huge success, reaching nearly 500,000 streams, and his four-track EP was streamed nearly 150,000 times. The sold-out headline show at Whelans marked the beginning of a bright future for the artist, who was then picked up by Spotify editorials such as New Music Friday, Chilled Pop Hits, Alt Pop, and Breath of Fresh Eire, as well as national and international radio stations like 2FM, BBC Radio London, and Spin 103.8.

However, the pandemic brought YourCuzMarcus’ music career to a halt. He lost his job as a bartender, and when his work closed, he was forced to move back in with his dad. With no live music, closed studios, and a lack of inspiration, he stopped making music altogether and was unsure if he would ever return to it.

But a chance encounter with Jape in a pub where he was working led to a conversation about music and the creative process. Jape listened to Yourcuzmarcus’ Spotify and offered to add some synths to his track. Yourcuzmarcus recorded his vocals with David Curley at The Clinic studios, where David added some extra production and finesse to the track.

Through this collaboration, YourCuzMarcus reconnected with music and found joy in the creative process once again. The single ‘i think I’m scum’ marks the first of four planned releases for this year and marks a new direction in YourCuzMarcus’ music, where he is taking a more hands-on approach to production.

In his own words,
“I became quite disillusioned with music over the last couple of years. When I began making music, it was because I loved the process. I enjoyed getting lost in that creative state and I never really questioned how the songs might be received by a wider audience. When I began releasing music, that started to change. I became lost in a world where the metric of a song’s worth is quantified by likes and streams. It began to feel soulless and it was a game I didn’t like playing. When the music sector grinded to a halt in 2021, it was difficult for me. But when I picked it back up again, it was purely because I enjoyed doing so. I felt no pressure regarding my output and just wanted to start getting lost in that creative state again.”

With ‘i think I’m scum’, YourCuzMarcus is ready to take the music world by storm once again, and fans can’t wait to hear what he has in store for them