Music students at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) are going to be sharing their music with American radio listeners next week. From Monday 4 May, Chicago-based station Jammerstream One will be broadcasting sets from LIPA’s recent 2ube Xtra festival, along with interviews with the bands and artists who performed.

The 2ube Xtra festival saw 36 acts, all final year BA (Hons) Music students, perform on stage in the Paul McCartney Auditorium between 15 and 24 April. 2ube Xtra is Liverpool’s first and only online music festival, and is a platform for LIPA’s third year Music students to showcase their work before they graduate. The performances are all streamed live via YouTube, making it accessible to music fans all over the world.

The festival involves students from the Institute’s making performance possible courses, including Sound Technology, Theatre and Performance Technology and Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management.

The collaboration with Jammerstream One will bring the students’ music to a new audience. The station is dedicated to championing the best in international emerging bands and artists, and has already been featuring tracks by LIPA students on the station. Jammerstream One broadcasts online to a loyal following of 172,000 listeners and is a preset station in American-built Toyota and GM cars. Its sister site, Jammerzine, attracts 55,000 unique users every day.

The opportunity was developed with Blue Soap Music, who were responsible for promoting the festival along with LIPA’s BA (Hons) Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management students.

Martin Isherwood, Head of Music at LIPA comments: “The 2ube Xtra festival is different to anything else offered by other UK music schools, as it gives our students the chance to reach people anywhere in the world – live. By having their sets broadcast on Jammerstream One, their tracks will be heard by a new audience of people who love discovering new and exciting music. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our final year students as they prepare to enter the industry.”

Ryan Martin, founder of Jammer Direct – the media company which runs Jammerstream One – added:

“It’s so exciting for Jammer Direct to be working with innovative organizations such as LIPA, 2ube Xtra and Blue Soap Music. The future of music broadcasting lies across multiple platforms and this is not only being recognized but actively explored through festivals like 2ube Xtra.”

The concert series will begin airing this Monday, May 4th at 8PM Liverpool time (3PM US EST) on JammerStream One (

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