Little Fuss have today released their new single titled ‘I Want A Secret’, from the upcoming album ‘Girls At Party’ releasing January 12th.

Cody Von Lehmden and Olive Martinez of Little Fuss, a.k.a. Little Fuss, takes a big step with ‘I Want A Secret’. This is the beginning of that process where co-building leads to partnership leads to that discovery of a sound all your own.

Having already gotten recognition from the powers that be on NPR affiliate WBUR, Little Fuss is now getting a taste of the credit they deserve. That feeling of wonderment. And it is well deserved. ‘I Want A Secret’ has that magic melody and way about it that welcomes you into the fold yet lets you know there is more to come.

The songwriting is brilliant but not pretentious. The hook is big but unobtrusive. That moment of introverted discovery captured in sonic innocence. I could go on, but that would be like spoiling the plot. Hit play.

About ‘I Want A Secret’

Olive Martinez, the band’s frontperson, says the song is about “the outsider looking in, and more so, the girl searching for confidence and intrigue within her own personality…In the chorus, she daydreams that she herself possesses this effortless nature, almost like someone manifesting themselves a secret, just to give them a boost of confidence.”

“I Want a Secret” is the final single to be released before their debut album Girls At Parties is out on January 12, 2023. The debut album has already gained praise from Billboard, 1883 Magazine and Ones To Watch.

“I Want a Secret,” similar to the duo’s previous releases, starts an honest conversation about real-world experiences as a young adult in today’s world. Little Fuss’s frontwoman Olive Martinez channels the experiences of a girl watching another from afar, yearning for the same confidence and alluring energy she possesses. This new hard-hitting track encapsulates feelings of jealousy, longing, and false confidence.

The new single follows “Girls at Parties” “She’s A Liar,” and “Guardian Angel,” previously released from Girls At Parties, a profoundly emotional psychological journey that explores the perspectives and experiences of nine apprehensive interconnected characters navigating a social gathering. All three 90’s-esque power-pop-twinged tracks swirl vividly around the misery of the song’s specific protagonist, and serve as a searing commentary on grief, anxiety, and other mental health topics.