Stefano May has today released a live acoustic version of his song titled ‘We Are The Power’, featuring Nikola Stajic on guitar.

The power is in the performance as Stefano shows that is where he shines. As most musicians show how powerful and meaningful their music is when recorded in a studio, the real magic is when that music is stripped bare and performed unchanged and unaltered by the original artist. This gives that song a new meaning and shows us the raw energy and unfiltered feel the song was originally intended to convey to the audience.

Stefano also gets a chance in this setting to showcase his vocals as they were meant to be heard. A magical duality of angelic and soulful with every life experience shing just under every vocal not. This is a true gift.

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About ‘We Are The Power’

In a perfect celebration of the holiday season, the acoustic version of “We Are The Power” was filmed in a warm and colorful living room where Stefano plays the keyboard alongside the talented guitarist Nikola Stajic. The video is intimate and heartwarming as the two musicians exchange smiles and subtle laughs over moments of connection during the peaks of the song.

With uplifting lyrics, gentle strings, and transcendent vocals over melodic notes of piano, the song reminds us, “We are the power, we have a way to inspire, we light the match for the fire.” The dialed back acoustic version of Stefano May’s powerful single is authentic, inviting, and inspirational as he stuns the audience with celestial vocals and emotive wonder.

Stefano May is an LGBTQ+ artist who grew up in Soveria Mannelli, Italy before coming to Miami. He first met acclaimed producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers, Prince) in 2019, and the two have been working together ever since. Stefano May hopes his music helps to heal listeners by inspiring others to pursue their gifts and aspirations. 

Stefano May has received acclaim from the likes of CNN Argentina, Earmilk, Ladygunn, and GLAAD to name a few. 

About Stefano May

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection in the aim to heal.

Born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy, Stefano took to music at an early age and began classical piano training at age seven. He quickly gained notoriety by performing on popular Italian TV shows, and since then has collaborated with famed songwriters, as well as the famed director Franco Zeffirelli. Honing his craft further, the musician and singer has ultimately composed and scored motion picture soundtracks under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Jamal Joseph.

2019 marked the beginning of his solo project, when Stefano began collaborating with famed producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers, Prince). His debut single “Prayer” highlights the songwriter’s warm and confessional vocals brimming with such passion, and yet such delicate vibrato tones. Stefano’s otherworldly vocal delivery glides with memorable melodies over intimate piano. The moving lyrics detail the act of loving again after hardship and disconnection. With comparisons to Sam Smith, Andrea Bocelli, and Michael Bublé, “Prayer” marked a graceful and exciting debut for this generational artist on the rise.

In Stefano’s single “We Are The Power,” the songwriter invites us all to take part in healing the world together. The glorious composition features soulful vocals, a soaring melody, and a vivacious chorus complete with a gospel choir for a most heartfelt demonstration of love, optimism, and vitality. Stefano confides, “It is a song that describes the importance of every person’s mission to use their individual gifts to unify the world in harmony and peace.” After almost two years of collective hardship and widespread disease, “We Are The Power” is the perfect anthem to inspire bright beginnings for the new year ahead.

“Find My Way” was born as a musical tribute to the Motown world that has been highly influential to Stefano’s musical taste and sound since he was a young child. Thematically, the song was inspired by his mother, who raised Stefano to pursue big dreams and share his gifts with strength, patience, and heartfelt dedication. “False Horizon”, is a festival inspired song featuring stylistic tangents of iconic California desert vintage highlighted by a dose of nostalgic country flair for an infectious pop-driven song about finding your inner peace, no matter the pace of your soul.

Stefano May’s single, “Don’t Say Goodbye”, is a song that puts a spotlight on second chances in life and relationships. With stunningly powerful emotive vocals over an illuminative and catchy melody, the song features funk highlights and colorful pop flair for a romantic and lighthearted listening experience.

Stefano aims to bring people together through the power of music. By sharing his gifts, he empowers others to do the same. “Music is made to heal your soul. People find commonality in the music they listen to and every song has the right time and place for each of its listeners.”