LITTRELL has today released the new video for the track titled ‘Dirty’, also releasing today. A combination of a solid original sound and that sweet decadence that gives a bit of a dark side to the music collaborate in splendid candor and grace with a song that builds to a crescendo and sends the message within the song straight to the heart.

The sonic ripples within the song cascade and dance to a solid and original piece of music that is hard to ignore. This is where the indie music scene should be heading, maybe not so much sonically, as to conserve the diversity, but definitely with the idea and creativity.

About ‘Dirty’

Written as a way of rejecting certain paradigms and embracing honesty, “Dirty” furthers the allure and mystery LITTRELL gives off sonically. With vocal styles similar to Lykke Li or Banks, the new track urges partners in love to communicate better with each other. Ultimately, LITTRELL embraces the emotional and physical messiness of a relationship and the ways these affect each other. The track mirrors these comparisons between “clean” and “messy” by inputting gritty tones amidst more flowery ones, creating a turbulent, yet exciting sonic landscape.


Dark and ethereal, LITTRELL’s brand of moody pop/alt rock/trip hop is the freshest head-turning musical phenomenon to come out of the Indianapolis area. Core members Lindsay Littrell (lead vocals, keyboards, synths, percussion, songwriting, production) and Garrett Langebartels (lead guitar, bass, synths, percussion, engineering, production) have found something that’s both gritty and magical in the way their creative personalities intertwine. As a unit, the two musicians are deep and inventive, often being compared to Kate Bush, Lana Del Ray, and Portishead. The songs you’ll hear on the upcoming Public Love are gutsy, gifted, and show an intense commitment to authentic expression.