Calgary, Canada’s Lÿnx, is hot on the heels of the release of their latest album “Claws Out”, which came out in May, and now they present a lyric video for the single “Pull The Trigger”. Founded with a vision by guitarist Blade, the band has evolved its sound to encapsulate the spirit of true 80s Rock’n’roll. However, Lÿnx distinguishes itself by infusing the classic glam and hair metal influences with modern-day production and mastering finesse. They comment on the single:

“This song is about the 1950s Anti Rock n Roll movement/propaganda where it was considered as the ‘Devil’s Music’ or was believed as the cause of the nation’s social ills and youthful rebellion. As a result, it was banned from many radio stations, schools, etc. Pull the Trigger is our way of telling them to F*ck off!”

Working in a truly collaborative fashion, their writing process is a testament to their synergy, where individual riffs, titles, and lyrics come together to create a musical tapestry that reflects the band’s shared passion. Lÿnx understands the importance of collaboration not only in the creative process but also as a means to connect with its audience on a deeper level. With a commitment to writing music for the people, not just themselves, Lÿnx invites fans into their world of sonic alchemy, where the fusion of ideas creates the unmistakable Lÿnx sound.

“Claws Out” is a whole experience suitable for all occasions, if you want to tour downtown with your girl or your boys and crank up the tunes, it’s got that. If you want to sit back and chill, listen to some good time rock, it’s got that too. You’re having a party? Hell Yeah! That’s what Lÿnx is. Fans of Mr. Big, Poison and Skid Row shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.

SOURCE: Official Bio