‘Wish You Would Notice (Know This)’ was written following the breakdown of a relationship. The track which nods to the early 2000s sonically explores addictive basslines and emotion filled vocals in zzzahara’s true style. zzzahara explains that the track is about “Wanting someone to notice they are hurting you, but knowing that they should probably know this themselves.”

The single is accompanied by a video directed by Gus Saldaña during an East Coast road trip. ‘Wish You Would Notice (Know This)’ follows the release of zzzahara’s sophomore album ‘Tender’ which was released in September 2023.

Born to Filipino and Mexican parents and raised in Highland Park where they still reside, zzzahara is the moniker of songwriter and guitarist Zahara Jaime. Growing up in Los Angeles, they felt disconnected from Southern California’s predominantly straight white male rock scene and discovered making music as a way to process the experience of living in an ever-gentrifying city.

They became the touring guitarist for Eyedress aka Idris Vicuña in 2018, which spawned the collaborative duo The Simps, who released their Siblings LP last year. Following their solo debut EP Simp.Wave in 2021, zzzahara signed to Lex Records and put the finishing touches on their debut album, a collection of songs about queerness, love, lust, absurdism and feeling lost that trace their stylistic and emotional evolution from childhood through present day.

SOURCE: Official Bio