Maddox Jones has released his new single titled ‘Get It’. If you know the music of Maddox Jones, and I know you do, you will see that this song is somewhat of a post transformation song. A bit darker. A bit grittier. But all Maddox. I’ll just quietly refer to Maddox as Matrix, in my head, from now on, because I just took the red pill.

Groove-centric beat with a suave bass and rhythm, Maddox gives a new spin on his music with a grinding rendition of a track that will get you in the mood to live. And live well.

“I wrote ‘Get It’ during a bit of a transitional moment in my life last year. It’s a song about putting the past behind you and embracing a new inner confidence. If people listen to this song to motivate at any point of their day it’ll have served it’s purpose well.”
– Maddox Jones

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About Maddox Jones

With his first single release of 2023 singer-songwriter, Maddox Jones continues on his path to Pop Glory with fierce determination. Always a bit of a musical chameleon Maddox adopts and updates the sound of 1980’s British Rock Pop with a dose of Peter Gabriel attitude mixed in for “Get It” out 17 March. While the new direction may be a bit of a “departure” (Pun intended; Maddox was the front-man of the 2000’s rock band The Departure) from last year’s debut solo album ‘Believe It’ and come as a surprise to his fans, Maddox has no qualms reinventing himself all the time. His songwriting is inspired by all kinds of musical styles and his goal is always to write great songs – no matter what the style or genre.

Co-written and produced by David Crawford, “Get It” is already making waves on TikTok thanks to Maddox’s fun campaign of challenging the public to “Come Get It”, at everything from an arm wrestling to penalty kicks.

Songwriting is what’s been keeping Maddox Jones busy since the release of his debut album. Aside from working on his next album he’s been invited to co-write with and for artists like Billy Lockett, Janet Devlin, RIP Youth and still found time to write, produce and perform an unofficial football anthem for the recent World Cup which drew lots of attention for himself and The Wealdstone Raider. In between and around all these activities Maddox has visited some 30 schools around the United Kingdom, giving motivational speeches to youngsters of all ages based on his own life experiences and then entertaining them with some of his songs. The reaction has been phenomenal and resulted in thousands of new followers for Maddox Jones online.

He certainly is enjoying the reaction he is receiving from young audiences and will continue his school tours into the summer. Maddox started his solo venture back in 2020 with the critically acclaimed EP, Headspace, reaching #4 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter Chart. Having already built a career that included four Top 40 hits as well as playing at Reading and Leeds Festival and Glastonbury with The Departure, Jones has been making a name for himself as a singer-songwriter, and was tipped as “One to Watch” in 2022 by BBC Introducing Northampton.