Maddox Jones has released his new single titled ‘Make Me Yours’. Soulful and decadently delicate in all of the right places, ‘Make Me Yours’ transcends the genres of electronic, pop, and soul with a clarity that’s both revealing and introverted.

Maddox is one of those artists who knows how to construct a song and place his stamp of originality on it without making it too obvious. He writes for the song. The music is his signature creatively but you can play this anywhere and get a reaction. That is the mark of a solid musician.

As upbeat as it is uplifting, ‘Make Me Yours’ takes the best of multiple genres and combines them effortlessly to produce a some that is not only accessible, but inspiring.

‘Make Me yours’ was released on on November 11th.

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About Maddox Jones

As former frontman of The Departure (Parlophone Records) and no stranger to touring with The Killers, Feeder and Placebo, the new pop direction that he now brings harbors a certain snappy groove that shows the versatility and joy he can bring to his music. It has really captured 70-style funk and the uplifting sounds of The Brothers Johnson, Daft Punk and Caribou.

“There’s some uncertainty with things opening up and whether the timing is right for that, maybe this song will bring comfort to someone who’s still waiting to re-engage with the world, that things might be hard right now but they will eventually be ok again. The song also has a playful side, reminding us to find joy in the small things: “Let this melody from my head take you somewhere else instead”.

Written and produced alongside David Crawford over the past year, ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan (Believe It)’ features good friends of Jones who brought a certain level of maturity to the track. Lewis Cardinal sits in on bass and guitar, whilst Christian Pinchbeck (Girlhood) is strapped on the saxophone to spark lift-off. In addition, Louis Souyave (who worked on Jones’ ‘Headspace’ EP) sprinkles his production magic over the tune, elevating it to perfection.

Maddox Jones made his solo debut in 2020 with the synth-heavy electronica of his ‘Headspace’ EP. Well-received as that EP was, Jones is never one to sit still creatively – and he proved the worth of his songwriting nous with 70,000+ Spotify plays of last single “Can’t Wait For The Summer”. With ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan (Believe It)’ ready to go, 2021 is shaping up to be just the tonic for the East Midlands singer-songwriter and his growing army of fans.