Marbles have today released their new single titled ‘One Of A Kind’. A slight and subtle summer pop song, what we get under the surface is one of those tracks that is as welcoming as it is catchy.

Building a soundtrack to that perfect memory of someone gone, wondering if it’s appropriate to reconnect while glancing with fondness of what once was there.

Musically, the song is unassuming while capturing your attention with a vivid hook and sonic panache about it that, while you can’t quite pinpoint it, stays with you long after that first listen.

About Marbles

Hailing from Kolbotn, the black metal capital of Norway, the music of Marbles sounds about as dramatically different from the stereotypical idea you might have of the music this nordic country tends to produce, with a colorful indie pop sound that bridges the gap between washed out guitar-driven dream pop ala Wild Nothing and Jay Som blended with the more upbeat and psychedelic pop of acts like Toro Y Moi and MGMT.

While “One of a Kind” maintains the breezy indie pop sonics MARBLES are known for, but with a more wistful and nostalgic approach to the songwriting. Describing the theme of this new song, lead singer Ferdinand Widmer says that “One of a Kind” is all about the experience of realizing that a relationship in your life – whether it be a friend, family member, or romantic partner – and coming to terms with the fact that you are moving in different directions. “Our message with One of a Kind is that – sometimes It’s ok to lose contact with someone close in your life. Maybe you evolve differently or go down different paths. You come to the point in a relationship where both parts have moved on, and you’re still trying to accept it for a good thing. Doing your best to cherish their accomplishments in life. You’ll never find someone similar, and that’s just life. You still want the best for them. And you understand that ‘forever regretfulness’ can be a curse.”

The release of “One of a Kind” follows the release of “Heading Out”, another easy-going jam from earlier this summer that recently received a music video treatment which makes literal the song’s theme of escaping city life for some much needed R&R in the splendor of nature. Both “Heading Out” and “One of a Kind” will be appearing on the forthcoming new album from Marbles in early 2023, the follow up to their self-titled debut album from 2020. You can watch that video below:

Based out of Kolbotn, Norway, the members of MARBLES come from a variety of musical backgrounds, with many of them playing in the black metal bands that the city is known for internationally. MARBLES includes Ferdinand Widmer on vocals and bass, Marius Ringen on drums, Adrian Sandberg on synths, and Marcus Widmer on guitar. The album was mixed by Adrian Sandberg (with help from Ferdinand Widmer) and mastered by Björn Engelman.

When the group formed originally, the different members were unsure exactly what sound and genre this new music would take on, but they quickly discovered a shared interest in dream pop, indie, and disco styles, and were able to capture a unique vibe together in their jam sessions. That vibe is present from their very first single “European Dream”, and from there they quickly honed and built upon the blueprint that song set out for their sound as a whole.

Their first singles in 2019 were then that up with their full length debut Marbles in 2020, which features lead single “Woman” and other undeniable jams like “She’s So” – which sounds like MARBLES doing their take on the french synth pop of Phoenix – and the previously released single “Baby Don’t You Get It”.

“Heading Out” and “One of A Kind” are the band’s first new releases of 2022, with another full length album soon to be announced for the fall. Summer may be winding down, but the tunes of MARBLES hope to extend your summer vibes into the fall, as their breezy indie pop sound should delight anyone looking for some fun and relaxing indie jams.