1. Minute To Rest Mauger 3:46

What is that shiny thing at the top of the mountain, we’re all gazing at? We’re so focused on getting it. What is it, that makes us do all sort of silly stuff – like passing ourselves by, locking ourselves up in tiny office spaces, buying way too expensive cars, or being afraid of each other. An elusive thing that makes us worry too much. One that throws us back and forth between fear and desire.

For way too long, Mauger wrote songs just for himself, recorded them on old cassettes, and kept them safe in a box. A trip to Costa Rica, a music studio with jungleview and some lucky shots later, and suddenly a band was shaped. The quartet with Jan, Jakob (both ex-Absynthe Minded) and Matthias (ex-Sioen), released their first full album, Sunday Competition, that immediately received many enthousiast reactions by both radio and playlists.

In the meanwhile, their second album (called Shiny) is almost ready and will appear at the end of this year.

SOURCE: Official Bio