1. Shaky Ground GENIIE BOY 3:29

Gold Coast, Australia’s own Geniie Boy are set to release their new single titled ‘Shaky Ground tomorrow (June 10th).

‘Shaky Ground’ is one of those songs that, if recorded in any style or genre, could seamlessly fit in with other songs of that or those genres. But, as it, is perfect, in every way. A continuous hook of harmony and guitar under the guise of a hard pop song, ‘Shaky Ground’ builds on your taste and becomes a part of your soul with groove and grit over a solid beat and monster rhythm. Musical ecstasy for the summer.

About Geniie Boy

Known for their ability to create splendorous electro-pop atmospheres that expertly combine irrefutable hooks and fuzzy grooves with charismatic storytelling, Alisha Todd and Scott French of Geniie Boy have been turning heads since their debut, garnering support and acclaim from industry tastemakers across the country.

Now, the pair are back with their second single of the year, behind zany indie-pop track ‘Elevator To The Sky’, delivering warming grooves and sunny sonic dispositions in ‘Shaky Ground’.

Entering with the nostalgic crunch of early 2000’s guitar pop, Alisha’s sharply sweet vocals immediately take hold as the driving force, supported by quirky percussion and buoyant synth moments. Bursting with an infectious jubilance, the chorus brings bright vocal harmonies and irresistible hooks, followed by attention-grabbing tempo changes and surprising moments boasting guitar-less melodies. The single exudes the duo’s love for making relatable music that forces a grin, full of intoxicating Geniie Boy exuberance that can’t help but spread.

A delightful tune about embracing the joys of life, ‘Shaky Ground’ was inspired by the nostalgic feeling you get when remembering “the best times you had”, as Alisha Todd explains:

“Ever felt like one day you just woke up from a dream, a really good dream, and ever since you woke up, you keep losing fragments of that dream somewhere in your mind? Sometimes little rays of sunshine from that dream replay in your memory then you snap back to the moment. You think to yourself, wow we had it so good, then you release that the moment right now isn’t that bad either… just different.”