Meet Max Gertler, the 28 year old MC who’s music you’ve probably already heard. If you’re not familiar with his solo work you’ve most likely heard something by Delivery Boys, the Brooklyn based rap group founded by Max and Goldwood. Notable songs of theirs include “Magic” (with Y2K), “Pissed Off” (with Rich the Kid) and “Gucci Jacuzzi” (with Riff Raff). However, Max isn’t new to releasing solo music, and has been putting out singles and albums since 2016. He’s known for his catchy hooks and witty bars, as well as his experimental beat selection that nearly always leads to interesting and out of the box songs.

Starting the year off right, Brooklyn rapper Max Gertler delivers the catchiest weed anthem you haven’t heard yet. Leaning into a more pop approach, the song feels fresh while still nostolgiac – and definitely something you won’t be able to get out of your head. With that he calls “CyphPop”, Max talks about falling for a stoner girl and what comes with dating people who are always high.

SOURCE: Official Bio