It’s Karma It’s Cool’s alter ego known as Solitary Bee has released their new video for the track titled ‘Love Wakes Up’.

A sweet summer fun pop track with a load of melody and anthemic guitar riffs meant for any radio on any beach, a proven band under a new moniker take an original track and set forth to the world that originality is alive and well in the indie music scene.

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About Solitary Bee

“Solitary Bee was conceived after Jim, Mikey and myself, as ‘It’s Karma It’s Cool,’ decided we wanted to do something fresh, new, and slightly more left-field after we released ‘Thrift Store Troubadours’ in June 2023. A writing session soon after bore the fruit of what would become the lead single ‘Love Wakes Up’. Being huge fans of Death Cab for Cutie, this is what we’re calling our ‘The Postal Service’, and we’re as pleased with this and have put as much time, love and attention into it as we have any Karma release.”