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From Bay Area, California, Maxine is a singer-songwriter-producer who spreads good vibes with her upbeat pop anthems and lyrical storytelling. Primarily a singer, she also plays piano, guitar, and ukulele.

As of today, she has released 5 singles, including one collab with the EDM artist The BreakBomb Project, which has over 100,000 streams of Spotify. All of her singles have received great praise from music review blogs, radio stations, and through podcast interviews she has recorded. You can find links to these HERE.

While currently attending Berklee College of Music studying Songwriting and Music Production and Recording, she writes and produces with fellow peers. She has also assembled her ‘MAXINE’ band which has played multiple shows around bars, clubs, restaurants, and musical venues all over Boston; playing her original arrangements and covers too. She has been approached by Boston based Record Labels but is waiting for the perfect one to come her way before she signs.

SOURCE: Official Bio