Othrship has released the third act in their musical trilogy in the form of the title track ‘We Are Explorers’, from their new EP.

With a sonic diversity and creative flow that takes originality to a new level, Part 3 is a subtle yet perfect conclusion to such a unique idea from a set of fresh young artists.

Taking a somewhat subdued musical track that uses the bass and beat as a roadmap for the music, ‘We Are Explorers’ gives a twist to the hook and adds little pieces of ear candy throughout, including horns.

‘We Are Explorers’ is a track and video combination that leaves you exploring everything Othrship on the internet. It’s that good.

About Othrship & ‘We Are Explorers – Part 3’

Following their February release of episode one ‘Looking For A New Home’ and episode two ‘Take Your Pills’ just the other week, the ‘We Are Explorers’ EP wraps up the galactic tale of the Othrship crew.

Tasked with the impossible mission of finding a new home for their people in episode one ‘Looking For A New Home’, the crew are followed on an uncertain voyage. The track sees the band leaning into their groovy intergalactic sound full of dreamy saxophone, warm synths and echoing vocals.

Episode two, ‘Take Your Pills’ peaks with tension before finding a sweet resolution in the title track ‘We Are Explorers’.

Primarily an instrumental track, ‘Take Your Pills’ opens with ringing synths before a bouncing, groove-based drumbeat is introduced. Throughout the captivating and frenzied music video, sparks fly from their ship and panic sets in between the members.

The deep imitating beat of the bass matching the drums drives the sense of panic and confusion in the music video, whilst absorbing you in the daze of the instrumental. Feverish synths and 70s rock guitar play an elusive game of cat and mouse, which becomes a key element of the single and the story Othrship tells.

‘We Are Explorers’, the title track and final track of the EP is the first time that the listener notices a gentle calmness in the EP. Opening the track with a welcomed sweet and simple guitar riff, ‘We Are Explorers’ is set apart from the psychedelic tones of the other tracks. The steady drum beat and grounded vocals are settling, before a winding chorus of travelling guitar chords.

In this final episode, the crew find themselves on planet Earth. In a peaceful state, the Othrship crew explore the new planet with water, breathable air and abundant flora and fauna. What seems like paradise – as their own planet is on the verge of destruction – the crew soon realise that Earth has many of the same problems that their home planet had.

Despite the cosmically intoxicating story, Othrship subtly comments on pollution, systemic corruption and incompetent governments. A layered release, the four-piece are pushing boundaries and creating conversation in an engaging and experimental way.

The experimental outfit has already received praise from Scenestr, AAA Backstage, Aus Music Scene and more. Othrship has hit the airwaves on radio stations 4ZZZ, Banks Radio Australia, Phoenix FM, Coral Coast FM, BBB FM, and SYN FM, amongst others in Australia,