Carshenah W. Jefferson
Carshenah W. Jefferson

Carshenah Jefferson is no stranger to the limelight. She’s been on both the big and small screen and everywhere in between. And now, beginning September 1st at midnight and noon US Eastern, she can be heard every week cohosting and cohorting with Peter Pahor on Road to Destiny on JammerStream One, the online radio show that will document the selection and recording process for the Another Destiny Project recording venture.

Check out the in depth interview above we did with Carshenah and stay tuned because next week is the launch of Road to Destiny!

About Carshenah:
Carshenah W. Jefferson was born in Gainesville, but raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Her southern roots cultivated her talents and brought out a genuine southern belle who dreamed of making it big. This rambunctious young lady was always considered the class clown and the most likely to succeed in whatever it is she was doing. As an only child, Carshenah found acting as her number one outlet to be her biggest blessing. Gifted in a variety of athletics, dancing, music, linguistics and computers, acting was her first love. She put all of her talents to use. In her last year of undergraduate studies at Florida State University, Carshenah studied abroad in Florence, Italy, which changed her view of performance theatre on a global stage.

Carshenah continued on with her education receiving a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the University of Florida. Carshenah moved to New York immediately after landing her very first professional acting and modeling job for Mattel, Inc. as a Barbie Doll named Simone during their One Modern Circle campaign.

Carshenah returned back home to do community theatre, but New York had called yet again. This time, Carshenah was blessed with a coveted acting job on Broadway with the New York touring company TheatreWorks USA for a dual role of Marion Carter and Jane for the show, “The Color of Justice.” Carshenah landed this role on her very first major audition out in New York. This was a play that brought to life the historical civil rights ruling of Brown vs. The Board of Education.

Carshenah finished her tour, but within a year’s time Carshenah moved to Los Angeles and has never looked back with a string of television, film and commercials under her belt already. You may have seen her in such movies and t.v like, “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” “24,” “Boomerang Kids” or “The Walking Dead: Christmas Special Spoof. If you did, you were able to see an up and comer on the Hollywood scene. Commercially, you can catch Carshenah on an animated “Wells Fargo” commercial, high-fiveing women working with “Kellogg’s,” or more recently on a global print campaign for “Microsoft Windows Phone,” and “Logitech,” Carshenah is working and working hard.

Up next, you can catch her in a new web series called, “The Red Shirt Diaries,” a comedy spoof based on the original Star Trek series, a short film considered for a film festival called, “The Bridge,” collaborating with her cohort Peter Pahor and currently writing a short horror film in pre-production with her production company Verse Films in late October.

Carshenah has her hands full with the acting scene and is ready to take on the challenge with Another Destiny Project and talk with other passionate artists on their Road to Destiny.

A little trivia for Carshenah is that she’s a member of the historic African-American Sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. founded in 1922, Carshenah’s name is found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the book of Esther, she loves to cook both southern and Italian food, traveling across the globe recently coming back from Germany, Sweden and Amsterdam, and is an avid comic book collector and video gamer both old school games like, “The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII to new action games such as Call of Duty, God of War and Assassins Creed.”