1. 14K Mold Midnight 76 3:08

Born from a do or die mentality, Midnight 76’s sole member (Damian), booked studio time to put himself on the chopping block as a singer and producer. Being self produced and self released, the Self Titled album, gives an intriguing glimpse of an unbridled artistic expression yet to be explored.

The Sound:

Other Animals (2020) – Solidly rock music and would appeal to fans of rock and roll in general; however what really makes Midnight 76 appealing is that the music blurs the lines of genre to make something unique and incorporates many elements of electronic, industrial, and trip-hop music. Midnight 76 (2021)- An igniting amalgamation of Hard Rock music where Grunge, Alternative, Psych and Punk howl like a biting wind as the samples of mechanical noise chirp like racing bats overhead.

SOURCE: Official Bio