Saadin Dassum has released his new video for the track titled ‘Tomorrow’. Saadin is a hard artist to pin to a genre. His songs seem to come from wherever in that private place that true musicians filter their inspiration through to churn out original content. I hear pieces of Joe Jackson and other avant garde pop and music icons but it presents itself as an original piece. That is the mark of a true artist.

About Saadin Dassum

Saadin Dassum sings for the anxieties of a generation – such as climate change, mental health, and modern intimacy – all while attempting to seek hope in the horizon. Now the evocative singer-songwriter returns with a new romantic declaration, ‘Tomorrow’. The sweet new single flaunts a vibrant melody alongside Dassum’s signature rock and roll edge. A delightful offering with an anthemic quality, ‘Tomorrow’ came to Dassum in a daydream.

One day mid-quarantine in 2020, an impossible vision came to me. I was in Miami’s miracle mile, but it was cold for some reason. So cold, I was wearing winter jacket and boots. I look to my left and there she is sporting some gloves, a fuzzy coat, and one of those hats that resembles a cheese cylinder. She’s holding my hand, and we laugh about something dumb. I look into her beautiful eyes, and without a word, I know that she loves me. And she knows I do her. Time doesn’t matter as long as we’re with each other. For the first time ever, tomorrow is perfect.

Saadin Dassum

The new single arrives alongside a music video that Dassum animated himself. The music video lives in the spirit of 90s video games like Crash Bandicoot, Yoshi’s Island, and EarthBound. It also got into the Miami Film Festival, alongside films that are going to the Oscars.

The sleek production of the track came together through a collaborative effort between Dassum and Alec Druth. ‘Tomorrow’ has been mastered at Abbey Road Studios.