MTD Studios is proud to announce that its new spy thriller, Midnight Dawn, has entered production. The drama began principal photography throughout Florida and will be released on multiple digital platforms early next year.

Midnight Dawn is a dark and gritty thriller about a spy who is betrayed by his handler. Michael Opal portrays this handler and briefly discusses the project, “Working on a well plotted spy thriller is an actor’s dream for me. I’m excited to start working on the complexity of the character and digging into the inner workings of espionage. I know the producers are striving to create the most realistic depiction of what happens behind the curtain.”

“With intense research, the producers portray as accurate a view of espionage as possible.” Michael Dunn continues, “Reading numerous declassified government materials and studying spies who were exposed in public gave me some insight. We even studied the techniques of professional assassins. We really want this movie to be taken seriously yet still entertain.” Then Producer Gabriel Cash chimes in, “We really hope our film is viewed by real spies who respond – saying that Midnight Dawn was pretty accurate… That espionage work is all about the shades of gray. Then, we know we succeeded.”

Veteran actress Cyndi Crotts portrays Debra Walters, an agency analyst that pieces together the conspiracy that Johnson had created by misusing his asset for personal gain. “I like the challenge. The film is a bit of a departure from the horror films for which I am known. I really like the witty banter between the friends or rivals in this script. I’m really excited to be a part of this film.”

Actor Kibwe Dorsey is playing the tactical expert Andy Reynolds, hired to track down the rogue spy. Dorsey comments, “There are so many gifted and talented people who never get a chance… so I don’t take anything for granted. I’m thankful for every opportunity God allows me to receive.” Dunn adds, “Kibwe brings a lot of energy to Andy. His character has a brilliant mind and he always knows what is going to happen before it actually does.”

Producer Gabriel Cash is enthusiastic about the darker nature of this film. “Our last feature film (Bloody 27) was light and campy. It’s a nice change to be dark and serious. Many of the characters are really screwed up and it makes the story more interesting.” Director Michael Dunn adds, “Well, serious to a point. I wrote the script so it’s still got some humor in it. It’s definitely a more dramatic approach than our previous project.”

Jamie Belanger Banta portrays Stacy, an I.T. specialist for the agency. Actress Banta discusses the role, “It is really wonderful to be working with this cast and crew again. Almost all the crew members, with whom I worked on Alone & Restless, are still here doing what they love. I have such a fun character, too. She’s smart and savvy – I love all the technology she uses, too.”

The Alex Frielings Company will handle the Dolby Digital audio mix and soundtrack for the upcoming feature film. As sound producer, Frielings is looking forward to the opportunities this project presents. “This film is mostly a drama, but we do have some clever action sequences planned. I’m really excited about those scenes in particular. The gun battles and fight sequences really present some amazing challenges and I think it will help the sound mix shine.”

Midnight Dawn will be executive produced by Gabriel Cash and directed by independent film director Michael Thomas Dunn. The official movie web site for Midnight Dawn is located at

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