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While watching Carissa’s Video, “Bad Boy.” It’s not hard to tell that she love’s to be out with her friends & family. She likes to act silly with them, but it didn’t take long to figure out that she finds herself with the bad boy’s from time to time. It seem’s her motto is, “If you’re gonna give a boy your time, it’s gotta be, “A bad, bad, bad, bad, boy.” See what she had to say from our 1st Shot Music Interview.

Introducing: Carissa Leigh

When did you start singing?
I’ve been singing my whole life! I have always loved country music

Which instruments do you play?
I play piano and I’m learning guitar.

Describe your music interests and abilities?
I love writing music! It’s very therapeutic. I love the whole creative process… From writing to making a work tape into a demo into the final product, I like to be involved the whole way. It’s like watching something you imagined come to life!

What other famous musicians inspire you?
There are a lot of amazing artists out right now. I love Eric Church, his songwriting is great and he’s a fun live show. I also love Miranda Lambert. I think every girl does! She speaks her mind and kills it on stage.

What is some of your best musical memories? Say at your house or in your neighborhood. The 1st memory ever made in front of a crowd?
For my very first piano recital, I was 3 or 4, I had practiced songs from my Suzuki notebook all year. I remember my piano teacher came and played with me and I was so pleased with myself, afterward I kept taking bow after bow until my mom called me off the stage. I’ve been hooked on performing ever since!

What public events do you have coming up?
Right now I’m doing a radio tour which is a lot of fun because my guitar player and I get to travel around the country playing for stations. I will be releasing a couple new songs as well in September so stay tuned!!

What would you say to beginning musicians, who are nervous?
The most important part of music is getting the emotion across. You need to rehearse until you could do it in your sleep and then when you step on the stage, let the muscle memory take over and focus on connecting with the audience!

How do you balance your music with family and friends?
It’s a tough thing to do! I FaceTime and text a lot. I try to put my phone down when I’m home and interact with people face to face. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technology but I definitely appreciate when I have lunch with someone who doesn’t check their phone every 5 minutes so I try to do the same!

Should we be expecting anything new to be released?
I am going to release a few songs to follow up the Blackbird EP on ITunes, the best way to keep up to date on that is through social media! I’m on there all the time!

Where can we follow your career at?
twitter @CarissaLeigh
Instagram @carissaleighmusic
Carissa Leigh on Facebook

Carissa Leigh – Bad Boy

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