Mieko Shimizu has today premiered her new single titled ‘My Tentacles’, from the upcoming album of the same name. Originally recorded in 2011, this track sounds just as relevant and fresh as it did in 2011.

Suave like one of those espressos from a restaurant you can’t normally afford yet reachable for the masses, Mieko gives us an offbeat take on originality and takes the beat slightly off center with such a discernible yet avant garde take on what a song should, and could be.

About Mieko Shimizu & ‘My Tentacles’

The single is the offbeat, unworldliness that is; “My Tentacles”, the title track of the soon to be re-released album of the same name. It is be-thronged by chimeric fusions, dysfunctional beats and startling mutations. For this free-spirited champion of outsider art pop, her Tentacles are truly her own, Mieko has played at Sonar, alongside Kraftwerk as well as support for Goldfrapp and Massive Attack at their Melt Down Festival. She is currently artist in residence for Wonky Plonky Electronk, an experimental, electronic live event which is touring the UK throughout 2024.

She has released 7 albums, her most recent album is “I Bloom”, it features former member of The Cardiacs, William D Drake, who also features on the EP Write to Be along with German artist, Barbara Morgenstern & Polish Artist Orla Schmitt. Her last release was the sonic explosion of the EP “Phenomena of the Mind”. Other albums include the eponymous album of drum n’ bass fury, as her alter ego Apache 61.

Mieko has worked with an extensive range of artists including Japan’s Mick Karn, Nitin Sawhney, Riz MC, David Cunningham, Robert Lippok and has also re-mixed the likes of Coldcut and Haruomi Hosono of ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’.