Jordyn Tareaz has today released her new track titled ‘Again’. Told from that place in our souls most dare not to tread, Jordyn takes that pain and power and gives it a soulful voice with the dynamics of a poet and the love of a musician. By taking this message and setting it to music, Taryn has created an anthem for us all and for the all in us that longs to be taken seriously and not merely taken. This is what music is all about: to take what needs to be said and make it memorable.

I wish I had more to say but the song says it all.

About ‘Again’

Tareaz collaborated with co-producer Sabrina Song and her creative partner Emma Rose Botti on this poignant ballad. Song, an indie pop sensation in her own right, achieved viral success last year and has been making waves with performances at SXSW. Building an all-female team around her is incredibly important to Tareaz, with the production, photography, publicity, and marketing led by women in music. “Ever since I learned about how few women there are in the music industry, I wanted to make my artistry as inclusive as possible,” she remarks.

Described as surprisingly reflective, “Again” breathes new life into Tareaz’s catalog of singer-songwriter pop, teasing what’s to come from the DC artist later this year. The song’s intimate storytelling and emotional lyrics describe Tareaz’s firsthand challenges of opening up in relationships. Tareaz points out a key message behind the song, “I want to show my Black audience that it’s safe to cry and unapologetically lean into all emotions that you may be feeling,” she says. “There are so many stereotypes about how a Black woman needs to express herself and be perceived. But I just want to be real and myself and allow myself to grow.”

Drawing inspiration from artists like Lauren Spenser Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, and Tate McRae, Tareaz aims to create a relatable and comforting space for her listeners. Tareaz explains, “This song is about recognizing my faults and flaws, acknowledging how I contributed to pushing away someone who was really good for me. It’s a departure from my previous songs like “So Good” and “Can’t Talk,” as it calls out my own mistakes rather than blaming others.”

As Jordyn Tareaz bares her soul in “Again,” she invites listeners to join her in this emotional journey, creating a space for reflection, healing, and connection.

About Jordyn Tareaz

Jordyn Tareaz is a pop singer- songwriter and performer from Maryland/Washington, DC. Her powerful vocals, clever lyricism and enticing stage presence make the 22 year-old artist standout. After many years of honing in on her craft, Jordyn released her debut single “So Good (On My Own)” in January of 2022. The release got coverage from singer-songwriter Linda Perry’s organization EqualizeHer, and Quadio Media. Just one month after her debut single, Jordyn opened for Warner Music Group artist Maude Latour , at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, DC. And in March 2022 she earned a feature in Billboard Magazine for her talents and involvement in the World Woman Hour soundtrack.

In September of 2022, Jordyn released her second single “Can’t Talk”. Fusing piano, hard hitting drum fills and psychedelic synths underneath powerhouse vocals, “Can’t Talk” starts as an intimate ballad and transforms into a freeing pop song. In the lyrics, Jordyn reflects on the space between finding closure and still longing for someone, even though you know you shouldn’t. The single debuted on One’s To Watch’s “Now Watching” playlist, and got praise from publications including Lefuturewave, Tongue Tied Mag, Women That Rock, and Bong Mines Entertainment to name a few. From the studio to the stage Jordyn Tareaz is a creative force on the rise, and this is just the beginning.

Featured image by Elaine Tantra.