Mimoza has today premiered her new video for the single titled ‘Madly’. Mimoza has taken those years of experience writing songs for artists around the world and given that mega-talent back to herself with a signature sound that is all her own.

My only complaint is that I fear that Mimoza will be known as a legendary singer and not as a legendary singer / songwriter. Her voice is beyond astounding, but, what is there to sing if not for the song?

The song is signature in every way with an accompanying video the gives branding to the artist in ways that stay in the memory. This is what the total package of music should look like.

Mimoza is signed to Universal Music Group and has over 100 million streams across platforms. She further co-wrote the multi-platinum Billboard charting single “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max.

About Mimoza

Los Angeles based pop singer and songwriter Mimoza is known for her explosive anthems and utterly infectious songwriting. Her most recent hit is the single “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max, which impressively went platinum in twelve different countries and reached No. 1 on the U.S. Airplay Charts. This success isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, Mimoza has proven herself over and over again ever since the age of 17. After years of writing hits for other artists and receiving gold and platinum plaques, Mimoza is ready to focus further on her solo music with her upcoming single “Madly” set for release September 9th.

“Madly” follows Mimoza’s commercially successful “Young Queen” released in 2021, which was written as a love letter to her home country, and her Albanian roots. Paying tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens’, the powerful pop anthem impresses with soulful vocal tones and big bold instrumentation. Her upcoming single “Madly” encompasses an intense array of deep emotions such as pain, heart, and strength all in one record.

The romantic pastel-dipped pop anthem explores self-love, knowing your worth, and never settling for second best. The song begins with an emotionally charged piano driven verse, and soon culminates into a climatic soaring chorus full of fervor for an intoxicating listen. Aiming for the next pop crown, Mimoza is relentlessly forging her own path and not looking back. This queen is here to stay.