Yuni Wa has today premiered his new single titled ‘Digital Love’. Yuni is an artist that explores those parts of the mind and music that few artists dare to tread. This is no more evident than in ‘Digital Love’.

Built like a soundscape and as big as a dream, the song melds beat and rhythm in a glorious splendor left up for the soul to determine and the heart to embrace.

About Yuni Wa

Yuni has been featured by publications such as The Arkansas Democrat Gazette twice, The Arkansas Times, The Elevator Mag, DJ Mag, Audiomack World, Noiseprn, Symphonic Distribution, and Sound Royalties. He has been co-signed by artists such as Dam Funk and Skylar Spence. He was named one of the top Arkansas born visionaries for the year of 2017 in the Arkansas Times at the age of 20 and nominated for best DJ/Music Producer 3 different times in the state of Arkansas.

Amazon Music made him the cover of their Electronic Breakthrough playlist and sponsored him by having him perform on the official Amazon Music Twitch account for a music concert series in Feb of 2021. Yuni amassed over 10 Million streams since he started producing music in 2012. He has had music released through Warner Music New Zealand and also has worked with artists signed to Def Jam and Mass Appeal Records.

In January of 2022 Yuni’s song “The Other Side Of Existence” was acquired by U-NXT a division of Universal Music Group which marks his most recent move towards super stardom. August 20th Yuni played New York with George Clanton, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Skylar Spence and more.