1. Is This Love Miu Haiti 3:23

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Miu draws her eclectic musical influences from Pop and R&B with a Hip-Hop edge. A renaissance woman, her versatile artistic expression is influenced by her love of fashion, makeup artistry, performing arts and interior design.

Her ability to compose music and sing in various languages (English, Creole, French and Spanish) allows her to connect with a global audience and has driven collaborations with arrangers and artists from Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, United States, France and Haiti.

Miu has remained highly prolific since the release of her debut album “Unexpected,” releasing various singles and music videos. Continuously evolving, 2022 saw the release of her much-replayed video “In Em Face” and her first ever self-produced single “Real Ones.”

Miu’s 2022 catalog was just a glimpse of what is to come in 2023. Her new single, “Is This Love?” shows yet a different side of this multifaceted talent and gives a taste of what’s to come on her 2023 Solo EP release.

SOURCE: Official Bio