Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus have today premiered their latest single titled ‘Don’t Remember Dreams’. NYC styled rhymes over a smooth yet powerful beat, Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus continue their future legacy with another suave banger styled in originality and crafted with sheer talent.

Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus is one of those group of artists that blow up with every track yet stay underground by design among the cool kids. That college chick everyone wants to f*ck yet is one semester away to a PhD.

Take from this song what you will, but you can get what you want with every soul bomb encased in bombastic rockatude. This is music.

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About Rikshaw N’ the Ruckus

The story of Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus starts with an end ⁠— the goal of playing a one-time show that ended up growing into something more.

Solo artist Rikshaw was prepping his latest work, Gem.In.I, and wanted to do an album release party that was more than just performing to a backing track. A chance meeting with bassist Krisana Soponpong (previously of Black Taxi) created a duo, and Krisana’s know-how and musical connections brought in guitarist Krikor Daglian (previously of The Walk Ons).

This group felt a real sound and chemistry developing. Thoughts of a one-off show were quickly pushed to the side and with a simple addition to the original name, Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus was born! Combining perceptive and penetrating rhymes with a live band and programmed elements, Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus embrace a sound that floats between hip hop, rock, and electronic.

The unexpected pandemic did little to slow the band down, and they have already written a dozen new original songs and recorded four more set for release in the coming months. With new recordings on the way and NY open again for live shows, Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus is ready for their shot.