Online radio platform Mixcloud, which is reshaping the way the world listens to long-form music and speech radio, announces this week the next stage in its platform expansion by launching a bespoke app on Apple’s new ‘Apple TV’.

With Mixcloud’s 13 million monthly listeners, the app is set to position the burgeoning tech tastemaker alongside online media giants such as Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube, by breaking into the mainstream TV market ahead of the likes of SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer.

Mat Clayton, Co-founder of Mixcloud: “We’re excited to be on the new Apple TV platform as it launches. The living room is a big opportunity for Mixcloud. We launched our Sonos app in beta earlier this year and Apple TV is the next part of our strategy to go big in the home. We’ve got a great catalogue of shows to entertain people at home both alone and with friends, and we’ve built the product to be simple and intuitive with a more lean back experience than our other apps.”

The new launch on Apple TV will help Mixcloud reach a new, broader audience catering to the in-home listening experience. Consumers are increasingly investing in high end TV/AV systems for their homes in place of pure audio systems, and so access to streaming audio services via the TV will give consumers more flexibility in how they consume their music.

Mixcloud offers a huge catalogue of DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts to its users. The service, which is in its seventh year, is built for long-form radio and DJ content, with some unique features such as track-list fingerprinting, timestamping of shows and listener engagement statistics for radio stations.

Customer Feedback:

In Home Listening
77% of UK adults listen to audio at home verses 51% in the car and just 17% at work, according to research by Audiometrics. In the US, Millennials are adopting streaming rapidly and in home is leading the way with 63% adoption amongst 18-34 year olds (Edison Media). By comparison 46% are streaming radio while working out and 44% while walking/on the go.

Radio on the TV
There are millions of hours of audio on Mixcloud – now you can search and find something to suit any occasion from the comfort of your couch. The app provides access to Mixcloud’s unique catalogue of audio via shows, reposts, favourites and playlists on any host’s profile page, all tailored to fit the Apple TV with a sleek custom design. This new app also sees Mixcloud placing a greater emphasis on their catalogue of thousands of talk Podcasts, from Science and Education to Technology and Food.

Mixcloud prides itself on being at the forefront of the streaming revolution, connecting listeners to the world’s best radio and allowing users to discover new music & ideas from a community of a million DJs and radio presenters – from superstar DJs such as Carl Cox, Jazzy Jeff and Moby all the way down to bedroom heroes who have built a strong following on the site.