Doctor by day, stunning alt-pop/ indie artist by night – moonsea (Cecilia Xu) has a way of delicately lighting fires in the hardiest of hearts. This captivating Naarm/Melbourne-based artist and hopeless romantic is releasing her all-consuming single ‘Violins’ alongside her beautifully pieced together music video.

Having released her commended sophomore single ‘Sensitive’ in the final quarter of 2023, moonsea is quickly proving to be an artist to watch. With her intricately composed and evolving indie and alternative soundscapes, moonsea’s tender vocals sweetly unveil intimate and personable lyrics.

Purposefully over-the-top and dramatic, moonsea’s ‘Violins’ perfectly depicts unrequited love and the feeling of being invisible to that special someone. Opening with an indulgent and slow-burning keys and orchestral section, the track ebbs and flows like the waves of hope one feels at the start of a crush. Her graceful vocals are sincere, warm and absolutely vulnerable as she romanticises this deep lust and yearning. Like a cathartic release, the delicate track blossoms into a powerful, indie-rock supernova with layers of overdriven guitars, synths, feedback, and soaring screams of passion.

Lyrically, moonsea addresses those intoxicating emotions of secretly being hopelessly in love with lines like “your beauty consumes me, a ravenous hunger”, and less innocently, having feverish sensual dreams and thoughts of them with “I lie awake and think of you naked”. Cecilia Xu speaks on the meaning behind the track:

“I’ve always been the sort of person that falls in love fast and completely. It’s quite the health hazard. With this song, I wanted to take those feelings of infatuation and desperation and ramp them up to the extreme. My idea for the instrumentation was romantic symphony meets indie rock band, and I really love how seamlessly it evolves from one to the other. The last lyric ‘Please look at me!’, pretty much sums up what this song about at its heart; the deep and terrible need to be seen.”

Adding visual aid to the evocative theme and atmosphere of the track is the ornamental music video. Filmed and edited by moonsea, the clip was shot on a Sony Handycam in Melbourne and San Diego. Decorated with roses and a collage of serene visuals, it’s the perfect representation of a tragic romanticist whose story oozes with passion and a longing to be seen.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Barbara Luyza.