Shintai is the project of Vitaliy Bogachev, a 23 year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer from Moscow, Russia.

He made his debut in the spring of 2014 with his first mixtape as part of the Russian Witch House scene.
His last EP release was created entirely from environmental sounds.

Shintai’s newest work takes you on a journey of mild natural sounds, minimalistic and clean, drony pads and soundscapes.

Up The Tide chronicles the rising out from depression, fighting your weaknesses and moving up the tide of negative circumstances.

Its about the journey of life and about the fight each of us are trying to win everyday.

Doomed years of chasing your dreams. Black and white sunsets buried under snow.
Romanticism of grey skies and industrial landscape. You move up the tide, only to fall down into the void anyway.