Mr Shiraz have released their new album titled ‘Glorious’ via Bad Granola Records. High energy and infectious like a shot of adrenaline followed by an espresso chaser, Mr Shiraz combine hard rock with hard harmony and leave you falling off the floor after getting out of that recliner to find the infinite repeat button. Think Hüsker Dü f*cked Foo Fighters and had a kid that was part TSOL and one of the parents refuse to pay child support. That plus a kick in the nuts when you least expect it. An anthem for anarchy is here.

About Mr Shiraz

Having successfully toured the UK, US and EU, as well as winning ‘Best Single’ at Pure Rawk Awards, the band are set to make “Glorious” your next album of the year… as well as their biggest release yet.

Following on from their 3rd album “Mountains Of Kong”, “set to get you moshing at every show” (Soundsphere) and their 2nd album “21 grams” where the band held onto their younger years, this record demonstrates their growth, personally and professionally.

Hard-hitting and in your face, “Glorious” brings the energy of punk with the sound of hard rock, almost grunge but never sitting in one place on a spectrum between them both. Singing about themes of confidence, friendships and a positive mental attitude, this is their most ambitious record yet and promises a thrilling ride through multiple dimensions of punk rock!

Described by the band:

“GLORIOUS is a celebration. We have had enough of feeling sorry for ourselves in the shadows and realised that, although things can get shit*y at times, those times do pass, bad times don’t last but the good times do.”

“This album is a celebration of love, of friendship, of remaining positive, that no matter what happens we’ve got this as long as we stick together… and there is also a song about a boy that turns into a dog.”

The tongue and cheek quintet have a wild history of their ill-behaved antics. Having performed at Slam Dunk, Leeds and Reading and made famous by their fierce and energetic live shows.

Their latest music video for their single “Flows” is no exception, available to watch here:

With influences from Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth and Green Day “Glorious” is available to stream on the 1st of July on all platforms as well as the available to purchase via the band’s BandCamp.