mUmbo has released their new single titled ‘Don’t Even Mind The Rain’. Subtle with a hook yet powerful in that musical stance and layered instrumentation under an angelic vocal track, ‘Don’t Even Mind The Rain’ is one of those songs that grow on you over time. The kind you miss when it’s not there to quench your thirst. The kind you listen to parts of over and over again and wonder how everything was so nicely pieced together.

A pleasing consonance of slight orchestration, mUmbo create a future classic with seemingly little effort.

About mUmbo

London-based band mUmbo was formed in 2021 by solo artists Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple. Their debut album, I Fly With Swallows, released last year, was met with very favourable reviews in the the indie music press, and 2022 has seen them release three singles to date.

For their current single, Don’t Even Mind The Rain, they are joined by Italian drummer Antonio Dalè.

Sonically, the band draws on a diverse range of influences encompassing alt rock, blues, folk, country and the fringes of dream pop. Favorite artists include Mazzy Star, Goldfrapp, Little Feat, Ry Cooder and Kelly Joe Phelps

Doug MacGowan had a thriving career on the UK folk and blues scene in the late 90s into the early 2000s, releasing 2 acclaimed CDs (Diving For Pearls and A Slight Remove) as well as touring and playing alongside such artists as Wizz Jones, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Robin Williamson and Kate Rusby. He also taught at many guitar workshops around the country.

Emma Semple studied Visual and Performing Arts in Brighton and subsequently she played and wrote in a variety of bands and musical ensembles. She also composed music for several theatrical productions. A singer, violinist and viola player, she trained classically and studied with the renowned Hungarian virtuoso, Professor Nicholas Roth. Alongside her musical talents, Emma is also an accomplished artist and visual multi media professional.

Antonio Dalè was born in Salò, Italy and now lives and works from his studio on Lake Garda. He studied with high profile drummers in Brescia and subsequently attended the CPM in Milan. In 2004 he moved to Ireland, where he played in several bands, Play, Tom Hughes & The Reasons and Those Damned Junkie Deejays, before moving back to Italy where he now runs a recording studio.