1. Masquerade Anastasia Elliot 3:38

Anastasia Elliot approaches her entire music career with nothing but the bigger picture in mind. Like a painter standing in front of a canvas, she views everything with a “whole world or nothing” mentality. One part singer-songwriter, one part multimedia artist she cannot feel satisfied until she has created an entire immersive universe for her listeners; casting broad auditory strokes of symphonic pop-rock, then mixing them harmoniously with mind-bending visuals. Everything is meticulously planned to ensure optimal delivery of her vision. Her current masterpiece, forthcoming LP “La Petite Mort” is a testament to that state of mind.

“Every single detail of this album is meant to be digested.” And every single visual element from the props, set design, and costuming—was deeply considered and painstakingly made by hand’’. In every song, it’s Anastasia’s vocal range that captures the ecstasy and agony that comprise the very concept of the phrase “la petite mort,” which roughly translates to “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness,” “the little death,” and “orgasm.” The album, mixed and engineered by Reid Shippen (One Republic, Mat Kearney) and Co-Produced by Josh Crosby (Cher, Adam Lambert) features guest appearances by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Miles McPherson (Paramore, Kelly Clarkson), and Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant).

SOURCE: Official Bio