Nastiya Kai has today released her new single titled ‘Liar’. A sweet combination of dance and pop, with a pulse beating to the narrative vocals that Nastiya provides, we get a glimpse of a life lived. A beautiful and well traveled life. Whether you like danceable music or not, you will be captured by the hook.

About Nastiya Kai & ‘Liar’

Pop songstress Nastiya Kai is back with her latest offering, “Liar,” a much-anticipated third single set for release on May 12th. With powerful, radio-ready vocals, synths, and a danceable beat, the track follows the story of a toxic relationship and the tumultuous ride that comes with discovering its reality. Similar to The 1975, M38, and The Naked and Famous, Kai masterfully blends modern, electric guitar riffs and big choruses with 80’s-inspired synths, infusing a sense of nostalgia and energy into songs with otherwise dark subject matter. Kai’s songwriting is the highlight of her work, with moving lines like, “I blew up your cover” allowing the listener moments of self-reclamation amongst their pain.

Based in Los Angeles and having moved across the world over five times, Kai is an open book. Her music is a means of self-exploration as she navigates topics like BPD, broken friendships, and heartache. She began releasing singles professionally in 2021, with “Too Far Gone” and “Demons” already making waves on the pop scene as she preps for the production of an EP.

“Liar” was written in January on a whim with just a piano and the line “I’m a liar.” Kai shares, “I think I wrote the song in a matter of hours and I still don’t know how it came over me. Honestly I think this song is almost a gift from fate and like a little cheer up from the universe.” The serendipity of “Liar” is not lost on Kai, as she seeks to promote mental health awareness and empower her listeners in all facets of their life.