Steph Amoroso has today released her new album titled ‘Road To Eden’. A retro sounding set of songs is that initial feeling but we also get a quasi-country and alt-rock mix of original music, each powerful in it’s own right. Each with that feeling of originality. All with the unique and golden voice of Steph at the forefront.

‘Road To Eden’ is full of energy. Accessable while also being unique.

About Steph Amoroso & ‘Road to Eden’

After releasing a string of pop/dance singles over the years, Amoroso is showing another side of her musical proclivities. In April she dropped the nostalgic and guitar-driven “Comin’ Home” in all its pop-country glory. For Road to Eden, Amoroso was influenced by 70s rock and roll, pop, and country rock- with a bit of 90s flair sprinkled in for good measure. The album was recorded in a live room, with Amoroso and the band playing the songs in full takes to preserve the energy and magic that happens when musicians are in a room together.

A central theme throughout the EP focuses on being out on the road; the idea of being in a car and heading towards your end point. But as Amoroso sings throughout the album, don’t discount the journey and the beauty and power behind it. Take album closer, “Radio”, written while listening to Joni Mitchell while on a drive. Clocking in at 6 minutes, this is a steady, powerful burn of a track that highlights Amoroso’s vocal prowess. The slow build to the climax of her soaring, aching voice singing “Just me and my radio” will send shivers down your spine.

After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in musical theater, Steph Amoroso joined the cast of Punchdrunk’s critically acclaimed off-Broadway hit Sleep No More, where you could find her regularly haunting the floors of the hotel as a resident, or singing with the jazz band as her alter ego, “Lola”. She was also a regular headlining act, singing in the ballroom for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Mayfair parties from 2016-2019.

A big believer in past lives, she has always felt most connected to the artistic freedom and rebellious spirit of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, drawing inspiration and solace in the writing and music of Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette. This sense of freedom, coupled with her passion for storytelling and theatrical flair, is threaded subconsciously within the layers of her music and lyrics.