Natalie Del Carmen has today released her new single titled ‘The Highway’. A beautiful taste of Americana and a departure from her previous single, ‘The Highway’ gives a glimpse of moving on and upward with lessons learned and feelings spent.

Musically, the song is something best listened to alone. Without interference from the outside world. Eyes closed and ears open. Taken like medicine. Ingested like truth. This is one of those songs that stays with you like a friend. A companion with a reminder of what life is for. Harmonically endearing and lyrically charming.

‘The Highway’ is the next step for Natalie, as she sows us what she is capable of. One song at a time.

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About ‘The Highway’

In “The Highway,” Natalie Del Carmen invites listeners on a journey of emotional depth and growth, accompanied by the soothing strums of her acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals. The song cleverly uses the act of driving as a metaphor for moving on and forward in life, displaying the universal experience of processing emotions behind the wheel. She sees driving as a way for many to reflect and find clarity, a theme poignantly captured in her soulful single.

This track encourages listeners to release their pent-up thoughts and appreciate the world’s beauty and the opportunities life presents. Through her lyrics, Natalie Del Carmen showcases her sincerity and passion, weaving her message with a captivating combination of wit and charm. She aims to remind us that, much like driving, life moves quickly, urging us not to get stuck in one moment and instead embrace the journey ahead. Following her previous single, “You Weren’t Even Listening,” Natalie Del Carmen has once again collaborated with Zack Burke (Blackbear, Berner), a renowned Billboard chart-topping producer, to bring “The Highway” to life.

Natalie Del Carmen, a natural-born storyteller, embarked on her musical odyssey at the tender age of eight, demonstrating perseverance and dedication that have only intensified over the years. Now 22, she is carving a distinct niche for herself within the Americana genre, armed with a fresh vision and a wealth of experience. Her journey, marked by the early success of her debut album Bloodline and the Tandem Songs EP, continues to entice audiences with a compelling blend of folk, soul, and pop.

This latest single not only showcases Natalie Del Carmen’s evolution as an artist but also highlights her refined skills, honed at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Further enriching her sound is the distinctive twang of her grandfather’s 1930s banjo, linking her present artistry with her familial musical legacy.

About Natalie Del Carmen

Natalie Del Carmen is a 22-year-old musician, songwriter and artist native to Los Angeles. Her musical path has been an acute exploration of the Folk-Americana genres, interwoven with some exciting detours into the realm of pop music at a former time.

Her debut 11-track album, Bloodline, was released in March 2023 and delves into themes of fleeting love, diligence and the passage of time. Working alongside BruNjo down Nashville, TN in the project’s entirety, the title track, “Bloodline,” pays homage to her love of the Nashville terrain, and remains a heartfelt ode to cherished individuals who have played pivotal roles in her life.

Del Carmen’s succeeding EP, Tandem Songs, signals a shift in her musical direction toward the warm embrace of Americana. “Achilles’ Dire End,” produced by Billboard Chart-Topping engineer and songwriter Zack Burke, is a playful tune that explores one’s willingness to love, while “Hollywood Reviews” delves into the modern-day phenomenon of excessive screen time and the insidious habit of comparing one’s life to others in the digital world. Traveling back and forth from LA to Nashville in the summer months, she was lucky enough to work with Wyoming native, Coburn Larsen, for a second time to create “Love in Vain.”

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA at the age of 21, she immersed herself in the art of Songwriting. Natalie is currently working on her next project in LA, and dedicates many of her waking hours to mastering her new favorite instrument: her grandfather’s 1930s banjo.