1. An Exclusive Interview with Jordyn Tareaz Jammerzine Exclusive 33:15

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with songer/songwriter Jordyn Tareaz. As she today releases her debut EP titled ‘It’s Not Like The Movies’, we get a first hand account on everything Jordyn from inception to now.

‘It’s Not Like The Movies’ is a soulful array of music that, as I state in the interview and you can hear below, is from an artist that is way wise beyond her years. She shows experience and collectiveness in her voice and music that should play from a much older artist. That only comes from the best musicians and artists. showcasing music with solid subjects and absolutely no fluff or flounder to be found anywhere. Straight to the point and all around the edges, Jordyn shows us her outside of the box thinking and inside the heart delivery of poetry set to music.

And, in this interview, we talk with Jordyn about ‘It’s Not Like The Movies’ as well as her beginnings and where she plans to take her career.

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About Jordyn Tareaz & ‘It’s Not Like The Movies’

Jordyn Tareaz is a pop singer- songwriter and performer from Maryland/Washington, DC. Her powerful vocals, clever lyricism and enticing stage presence make the 22 year-old artist standout. After many years of honing in on her craft, Jordyn released her debut single “So Good (On My Own)” in January of 2022. The release got coverage from singer-songwriter Linda Perry’s organization EqualizeHer, and Quadio Media. Just one month after her debut single, Jordyn opened for Warner Music Group artist Maude Latour , at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, DC. And in March 2022 she earned a feature in Billboard Magazine for her talents and involvement in the World Woman Hour soundtrack.

In September of 2022, Jordyn released her second single “Can’t Talk”. Fusing piano, hard hitting drum fills and psychedelic synths underneath powerhouse vocals, “Can’t Talk” starts as an intimate ballad and transforms into a freeing pop song. In the lyrics, Jordyn reflects on the space between finding closure and still longing for someone, even though you know you shouldn’t. The single debuted on One’s To Watch’s “Now Watching” playlist, and got praise from publications including Lefuturewave, Tongue Tied Mag, Women That Rock, and Bong Mines Entertainment to name a few. From the studio to the stage Jordyn Tareaz is a creative force on the rise, and this is just the beginning.

‘It’s Not Like The Movies’ goes beyond mere introduction, immersing listeners in Tareaz’s intimate narrative through diaristic and honest lyricism. Its content embodies a hopeful perspective on the future, alongside a process of reconciling with the present while cultivating inner confidence and self-worth. Tareaz reflects on moments that, though not cinematically picturesque at times, shaped her journey to the present. Describing the project as a narrative prelude to her debut single, “So Good (On My Own),” It’s Not Like The Movies illustrates Tareaz’s journey toward attaining the heightened confidence evident in her first single release. Inspired by influential women like Raye, Reneé Rapp, and Chlöe, Tareaz draws upon their experiences in harnessing adversity to fuel their journey toward confidence and empowerment.

Collaborating with co-producers Sabrina Song and Emma Rose Botti, mixer Samantha Henry, and mastering engineer Gabi Grella, Tareaz delivers a compelling and polished sound that showcases her artistic versatility with an all-female team. She aspires for listeners to walk away from the project with a comforting realization: that the resolution to a chapter in one’s life can originate from within, rather than relying on external influences. Despite life’s chaos, it’s crucial to maintain faith in one’s inner strength and resilience.