Nigel Thomas and Louie Christie have teamed together and come up with a brilliant concept for the #indie music scene that goes over smooth and nice wherever you are on this globe. It’s called ‘Music Natters’.

While Nigel is well known in this neck of the Jammer Universe, Louie is a proud newbie. But what we get, in the end result, is the Odd Couple for indie and underground music.

A brilliant mix of conversation and music, ‘Music Natters’ offers perspective and personality with flair and panache in ways you wouldn’t expect and conversation you definitely want in on. Be the fly on the wall.

About Nigel Thomas & Louie Christie & ‘Music Natters’

“Nigel Thomas, an uptight, “know it all” indie rock musician discusses music and life with Louie Christie, a chilled computer geek who knows almost nothing about music.

Music Natters
Music Natters

Will Louie learn that ‘Come on Eileen’ isn’t about sex, the brilliance of David Bowie’s last album and that Aerosmith AREN’T The Rolling Stones. Will Nigel EVER accept that it’s ok to enjoy Cher on a night out?”