Nik Rael has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Medicine Man’. Enticingly hometown Midwest with a touch of earnestness, Nik Rael adds a personal touch to an age old genre with a bravado mix of classic roots based country with that original feel and brilliant use of diverse musical instruments that cascade and surround that signature voice.

About Nik Rael

Nik’s music comes from his soul as does his lyrics. Although he grew up listening to The Beatles, his favorite singers are soul singers including Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke.

Rael Says, “I got the idea to have a song called, “Medicine Man” because I’m actually named after my mother’s grandfather, who was a Cherokee Indian medicine man. My first name, Nikolaz, is my mother’s phonetic spelling of the way his name was pronounced. It has an emphasis on the second syllable, but of course I always just go by Nik. I originally had this kind of grand concept for the song about being a medicine man and the magical and spiritual implications of that. But, in the end what came out was a very personal song about rebirth, new beginnings, and the possibility of new love.”

Rael went to Lebanon Valley College in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where he put his first band together and played his first gig under the name Fishhead Soup. Before that, he had always sung in the choir, and took part in the drama club productions. Privately, he would always listen to a lot of music, feasting on his musician father’s incredible record collection that spanned from 60’s and 70’s rock to pop, soul, and jazz. He learned at a young age to played piano by ear and began writing songs when he was about 13 or 14.

Rael has released three albums of original material, two with the band Headsoup and one under his own name. “Thank You”, from the album Worlds Fade Away garnered airplay from around the world. He also received nationwide airplay of numerous songs from his Bob Dylan tribute album, Winter ‘61, released in 2011.

“Medicine Man” was produced by Todd Mihan and recorded in his home studio Hyde Park, NY. Rael wrote it and played acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. Drums, bass, lead guitar and mandolin keys were played by Mihan.