Noble Oak has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Anywhere But Here’. Lo-fi meets high res in this beautifully crafted marriage of visual and sonic art. Somewhat reminiscent of sweet pop melodies from the golden age of music mixed with a weathered vocal styling and a subtle hook, Noble Oak gives a memorable musical memory with his natural talent and branded style.

About Noble Oak

Following on from his recent acclaimed single ‘Tides Turn’ (with support from The Independent, Notion, Atwood, CBC Music and Exclaim!), Noble Oak continues his musical evolution on ‘Anywhere But Here’ and discovers the tone to highlight various emotions and anxieties in glistening lo-fi pop melodies and watercolor soundscapes. He explains: “We are often subject to the immense pressure of living in dissonant ways, holding one dream while chasing another.

It’s become popular to manage this by escaping to some distant place, be that deep within our minds or far into the wilderness. In either case, we wish to be anywhere but here, finding somewhere that both serves as a comfort and a dream of a place we may never reach again.”

After receiving a Rhodes from a friend who no longer had space for it, Vancouver born Patrick Fiore knew it was time to finally make something happen. Having studied piano since age 7, Fiore amassed some 10 years of writing solo piano and symphonic compositions and began to really write music with a computer for the first time, at 19. And a lot of reverb. Thus the musical expedition of Noble Oak began.

Fast forward to now, Noble Oak’s music has evolved to create immersive and captivating songs that are equally as passionate when instrumental as they are when layered with his ethereal tenor. Spanning a range of tempos and beat styles, this is music to love to, with a story packed into every song and melodies that lift you into the air.

Noble Oak has been globally recognized in dance, urban and indie online outlets including BBC, tripleJ, Stereogum, HYPEBEAST, DIY, Majestic Casual, CLASH, Yours Truly, Indie Shuffle, MrSuicideSheep and many more.