Noctem has released their new video for the track titled ‘The Pale Moon Rite’ Darkness incarnate with that dreading feeling of doom filtered through the originality of dystopian world building, and all within your ears. The guitars stick out first and foremost, probably because I’m a guitarist. Pure of tone and excised of conformity, what grabs you, in the end, is the solid feeling and diversity in the musicianship. Coupled by a mandolin and segued into a drum beat that is as perfect as beating a race with a metronome, Noctem take an age old genre and make it suffer properly in the ’20s.

About Noctem

Originating in Valencia, Spain, NOCTEM made their putrid presence felt with the rumble of 2002’s Unholy Blood demo. The God Among Slaves demo followed in 2007, building bloodthirsty anticipation for the band’s proper full-length debut, Divinity (2009), on Austria’s Noisehead Records. Metal Blade Records licensed Oblivion (2011) abroad, followed by a deal with Prosthetic Records, which issued Exilium (2014) and Haeresis (2016), a concept album centered on the Spanish Inquisition. (A special “rotten meat” scented LP edition of Haeresis sold all of its 666 copies in under a week.) The Black Consecration (2019) expanded NOCTEM’s themes of ancient civilizations and dark rites to encompass more of Beleth’s philosophy, previously outlined in his first book, 2017’s Codex Ante-Mortem, released the same year as the band’s homemade beer, A Cruce Salus.