2015 was a life changing year for prolific singer-songwriter North Easton known for the rock bands Garrity and My Favourite Tragedy. Inspired by a seminar with famed life strategist Tony Robbins, Easton began a journey of self-exploration propelling him to examine how he fed both his mind and body. This period of personal growth resulted in losing 60lbs (with some of that weight coming from cutting off his trademark dreadlocks) and the creation of his debut solo album “One Of The Lucky Ones”.

One Of The Lucky Ones features 13 songs that are full of emotion, dynamics and embracing everything that life has to offer as reflected in the first song “Change” followed by “Unstoppable,” a tribute to strong women that seem to take on the world fearlessly to accomplish extraordinary things. “Living Out Loud” is an upbeat song about following your heart which Easton co-wrote with Rosanne Baker Thornley, one of three songs on the album written with her.

The acoustic “One More For The Road” changes up the feel of the second half of the album as we leave behind the fully produced tracks and drift into a more Cat Stevens approach to production. With violin and bow on upright bass, this is a feel good track with a message of no matter what happens, everything is going to be ok. “Life” features a live recording with a grand piano performance chronicling life from the first breath to the last. Easton captures the critical moments that people live and learn from as they adventure through their own lives.

The final and title track of the album is “One Of The Lucky Ones” and is the heart of what Easton believes. “After meeting incredible people like Jonathan Pitre (the butterfly child) and Jeff Scott (quadriplegic and founder of the Live It Love It Foundation) and hearing them speak about life and how great it can be, well, if you listen to your heart, if you look at the road you are on, you will probably see that you are also one of the lucky ones.”

One Of The Lucky Ones will be released nationally on October 21, 2016.

Tour Dates: (full tour tba)

  • OCT 15th – Ottawa, ON – Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts
  • NOV 4th – Timmins, ON – THE WORKING CLASS
  • NOV 5th – Kapuskasing, ON – (SOLD OUT)
  • NOV 17th – Edmonton, AB – CAFE BLACKBIRD
  • NOV 19th – Fernie, BC – THE FERNIE HOTEL
  • NOV 20th – Fairmont, BC – THE FAIRMONT HOTEL
  • NOV 26th – Parksville, BC – SMOKE N WATER