94629-vsup“Far back as a child that I can remember I use to sneak out of my bedroom to go listen to my parents’ record collection while everyone was asleep.” “I never got caught but I did develop a habit of staying up late.” It all came together as an adult for Victory. Listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, The Pointer Sisters and Ashford and Simpson help mold the sound of the laid back type of music you hear from V1ctory’s first mixtape “You See Me Right?” Its filled with touching stories and love songs that any age demographic can get into. As a rap artist, it is hard to break into the R&B charts and still be respected by other rap moguls. Victory is confident that his style only helps solidify the authenticity of rap music and Hip Hop culture.

Victory is positive his love for music came from listening and digesting cover songs during those long sleepless nights, but his love for rapping and rap artist alike inspired him to want to be a Hip Hop artist. “No one can ever take away the fact that I have respect for music as a whole.” “I believe good music is made with a passion for all music.” “Kanye West and Dr.Dre are the perfect examples because they both have respect for all music no matter the era it came from.” Those two guys and Quincy Jones are my top three favorite people in music of all time because they can do so much within[music].” Victory writes, produces, performs and arranges music just like his predecessors.

Victory has lived all over the place in his lifetime. Born in California he seen the struggles of Compton, L.A. and Santa Ana. Played in the rough streets of Detroit, Michigan. He recalled having to fight little girls and boys growing up just to avoid being the weakest on the block. Also in Detroit he escaped a kidnapper. “I was known around the city as a good Michael Jackson interpreter, so I guess she thought I was going to be worth money some day.” “She was right cause, Look at me know hey, I’m gettin’ paper.” He sings. He even spent some time in Ohio. He lives about one hour north of Pittsburgh, Pa in a very small town now. He knows it will be a struggle to make it out, but he feels as though nothing can stop him. “Eventually it will be done.”

Victory has performed on stage since he were in High School. He’s not sure if his stage presence is exactly where it needs to be at the moment but he assures it has nothing to do with stage freight. He wonders how people can want to be performers but are scared to perform. “At first yeah I understand but it should fade eventually or hopefully cause if it doesn’t they’ll have to find a new dream and that’s not fun for anyone.” He has done about a half dozen show cases. His first in Florida, second in Pittsburgh and another in New York. “I gotta get out to Cali.” Victory does have a family that he has to think about while pursuing a music career. He believes that they are his back bone and are supporting him one hundred percent. He promised his most critically acclaimed and number one fan his grandmother three days before she died that he would pursue his dream as a rapper. “She brought the best out of me…”

SOURCE: Official Bio