1. The Crash Oblivea 4:06

OBLIVEA has impressed us with their songwriting before, and we find those skills once again on display in this single. Despite the high-octane energy of the single from a musical perspective, we find poetic finesse in the track’s lyrics. The band takes us on a dark and emotional journey through the song’s title, which is no doubt a traumatic and life-altering crash:

“Our time stolen tragedy, Nether world’s come for their queen, Taking my happiness away, Our time stolen from me, Losing control of everything, I can hear her heartbeat fade away At the crash” Firey, powerful, and a full-throttle display of this band’s talents; fans of well-written modern hard rock will no doubt find a whole lot to like about The Crash. Those who enjoy OBLIVEA‘s work will find this featured single alongside a host of other talented rock artists on the upcoming Bongo Boy Records compilation album Kryp II Knight Vol. 3 as well – look for it coming soon!

SOURCE: Official Bio