1. Far Away Oblivea 4:02

OBLIVEA is the must-see band of the rock scene today. Here are the current members, Ben Kyle (Vocals, Guitar), James Sparks (Drums), Tommy “D” (Lead guitar) Last Obelisk (Lyricist/vocals) & Ben Vorhees (bassist). OBLIVEA delivers a very unique performance to match their inspired sound. Whether you like rock, pop, or metal- OBLIVEA has something to offer you.

On stage, they will keep you wanting more with their visually stimulating light show, props, projection back ground imagery and more. In the studio, OBLIVEA will grab your attention with their original and creative sound and then speak to you on a personal level with their inspired lyrics. They are heavy in songs such as Place I know and Hell Yeah (currently used by Roctagon MMA) but comforting and soothing in songs such as Things you say and Smile. This band is rising to new heights fast working with great names in the industry.

SOURCE: Official Bio