Peach Face has released her new video for the track titled ‘Midnight Lover’, from her new album ‘Grocery Store Flowers’, out now.

For an artist who has just released her first album, ‘Midnight Lover’ can be a bit deceiving. It has the feeling of a much more experienced artist. One who has lived what the record and feel what they sing. This puts guts in the groove and heart in the hook. We end up with a song of earnest expression from a musician in tune with her heart, and that heart is on her sleeve.

Part retro-esque styling overlaid with a soulful angelic vocal, ‘Midnight Lover’ spans the other 23 hours with a freshness found only in a future legend.

My debut album Grocery Store Flowers has been in the making for probably about 5 years. Six out of the nine tracks in this project have been lyrically completed since as early as 2018. I’ve been sitting on the title Grocery Store Flowers for my first album for so long, it feels like a dream now that it’s finally released. Collaborating with Not Charles on the production of the album has made the creative process incredibly seamless. With inspiration from Remi Wolf, Ravyn Lenae and The Marías, the goal of this album was to transform these old songs of mine into something new and fresh for listeners to groove to this summer.

Peach Face

About Peach Face

Peach Face is the musical project of 22-year old Alison Ramirez. Alison, with an American mother and El Salvadoran father who was forced to leave the US when she was a small child, writes ethereal, lo-fi pop songs that explore love, identity and loss through the lens of existing simultaneously in disparate worlds. Ever-changing, her current influences include Remi Wolf, Sylvan Esso and Ravyn Lenae. Alison is a natural performer who began writing music and performing in the 5th grade.

In 2018 she released her first single, “Grilled Cheese”, which she recorded herself on her iPhone. The song found unexpected success, and to date has over 3 million streams on Spotify. She began performing live at the beginning of 2019, and though covid paused in-person performances for over a year, in the short time that she’s been active she’s played shows with Adeline, Brothertiger, Girlpool, Parquet Courts, as part of the WYPR Summer Concert Series, at Lovegroove Festival, and on the main stage at Firefly Festival.

Alison’s release “Dirt Boy ” is a departure from her previous work with nuanced songs that explore layers and textures of sound, like a melodic onion. No longer a solo artist, Alison now performs live with Tom McClean (Modern Nomad), John Tyler (Love Groove Festival) and producer Not Charles.