1. Dreamscapes Sonomancer 3:55

Sonomancer is an artist that imagines a world where music is the language of liberation, with a sonic palette that bridges the gap between digital synthesis, sampleology and live performance. It’s a kaleidoscope of weird and colourful experimental electronica that eschews conformity, but is saturated in boundless, imaginative freedom.

Shrouded in an air of mystery, the Melbourne-based producer and musician’s music is in perpetual flux, ever-evolving with each release. What remains constant, however, is his desire to experiment with moods, styles and tempos, while exploring themes surrounding rave culture, a hyper-connected digital world and the esoteric and surreal.

Sonomancer has collaborated with a number of artists around the world including Martha Goddard, and is sitting on a handful of single releases. He is currently setting the wheels in motion for the release of his debut full-length album, which is scheduled for release later this year.

SOURCE: Official Bio